Saturday, October 1, 2011


Headed out to the Chiropractor today and I was worked pretty hard.  Things are going pretty well there.....
Mommy picked Aidan up from school while I hung out with Grandma......they headed off to the airport to pick up Marmee and Pappo.  I haven't seen Pappo since July and am anxious to show him how well I'm doing.

....but even with Marmee and Pappo here that doesn't mean I get to take a break from doing my therapies. 

This morning Mommy was telling Marmee and Pappo that at 3:30 this morning she heard a loud bump and then I began to fuss.  When she looked in my cradle I had rolled over from my tummy to my back (yes I do sleep on my tummy.......Mommy and I don't want my head to get flat and it makes me work on my head control).  Anyway, I did it.  I rolled over completely unassisted!!!!  BOOYAH!!!!  Mommy is just wishing she would have gotten a pic of it.

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