Monday, October 17, 2011

Just call me Shooter

Waiting to Poop!!!
Headed off to Children's Hospital for my Barium Enema.  The nurse and Radiologist said they wished every baby did as good as I did.  I smiled and talked during the entire thing.  After they were done there was a lot of waiting......waiting for everything they put in to come out.

Yes, out it "shot" out.  Mommy and the Nurse couldn't move fast enough.  After multiple towels, diapers, etc. we were on our way home.  After a long nap, many more diaper changes ensued.  Mommy lost count after 15.  Guess we are going to buy more diapers tomorrow.  Well this was not enough to keep me from my exercises.....

Now we just have to wait for a phone call from the doctor to see what is going on and why I can't poop on my own.

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