Saturday, October 8, 2011

Back on track

What a lazy day.  We woke up this morning to rain and it rained all day.....not something that happens often in Colorado. 

We all stayed in our PJ's today, watching football and just plain being lazy, well everyone except me. 

Mommy pulled out the big guns today.  Since I have been out of commission for several days with the croup she said I had some catching up to do.  So after a morning of cuddling and many naps (think I'm making up for my lack of sleep due to coughing) I worked it hard this afternoon.  Mommy and Daddy pulled out the Exersaucier and I stepped up to the challenge. 
Check out these chub-a-licious thighs. 

Surrounded by towels to help me with back support I hung out for a hour.  I'm still working on using my hands.  Other than sucking my thumb (which I'm a pro at now) I'm not really a fan of using my hands.  We are working on this in OT, but I fight it EVERY week. 
Cisco likes to lick my drool.  It's like a portable spit cloth.

Sometimes I like to just laugh at my this case AKA Spiderman.......
A little more proof that I worked hard today......

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