Thursday, September 29, 2011


We are trying to figure out what is going on.....  It seems that I have been increasingly agitated over that past few weeks.  Mommy and I think we have narrowed it down to a few possibilities.
Mommy got these for me this past weekend at the Sweet William Market

1.  My on going tummy issues.  I continue to struggle to poop without some assistance.  Mommy and I are still waiting for the GI people at the hospital to call us back.  Not surprised they called late this evening stating I need to go in for a Barium enema to rule out some other issues and then went on to tell Mommy this long list of things they needed to rule out.......she put the phone down at that point.  Again we are only focusing on the positives and do not want to hear negatives it they are not happening at this moment!

2.  Meds.  As I am tapering down on the Topamax that leaves me with just Keppera.  One of the main side effects of Keppera is agitation.  We are not sure if that is where some of my crankiness is coming from or not.  Guess we will have to wait 8 more weeks to find the answer out to that question.

3.  Over stimulation.  Yep that is a big one.  I continue to struggle with anything more than just "hanging out".  Mommy took me to Aidan's school yesterday to pick him up and hang out for a bit while he played with his friends.  All the faces and noise just puts me over the edge and then it takes me an hour or so to settle down when we get home.

So what are we doing about it you ask.....well I spend a good bit of my time with my knees to my chest and my butt and feet in the air.   This is MY HAPPY PLACE!!!! 

Makes it kinda difficult for Mommy to take me anywhere, but we are working on that as well.

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