Monday, October 3, 2011

Madam Poops A Lot....

Marmee and Pappo are leaving today so I got to spend the day with Marmee while Mommy and Pappo went with Aidan's school to the Pumpkin Patch.   (I stopped smiling the second Marmee pulled out her camera.)

In preparation for out get together on Sunday Mommy had to give me a suppository since my tummy was bothering me so much.  That figures since I haven't had a bowel movement in over 7 days.  Well on Sunday it happened.....I went 5 times.  And 5 times I went.....all over the patio, etc.  The good news is that I feel better.  Well things started again this tummy hurting, bad gas, screaming in pain.  Then it happened, without assistance, I went several more times.  This may not seen like a big deal to you, but for me it is huge. 

Figures that after Marmee and Pappo leave that I decide to perform.  While Mommy was cooking Daddy and Grandma hollered for Mommy to come quick.  I managed to get a toy to my mouth by my self and stat chewing on it......really big deal.  WOW.....Mommy and I can't wait to share all my new tomorrow with Ms. Julie my OT.

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