Friday, October 7, 2011

Croup day 3

After fighting off the croup for the past 3 days I finally seem to be on the up swing.  Thanks to the humidifier.  Mommy keeps it on high and that really seems to help.....

Mommy and Daddy have been keeping a very close eye on me.  So far so good.....I haven't had a fever yet and that is very good news for me.  My threshold for fever triggered seizures is very low due to my condition. 

Aidan didn't have school today for Fall Break so I stayed home with Grandma while Mommy and a friend took Aidan and 5 others to a Pumpkin Farm.  Not sure why but Mommy seems really tired tonight.

Daddy decided we needed to go out to dinner to give Mommy and break.  This was my first time out to dinner with my family.  I did goof for the most part, but became overstimulated with the noise and we ended having to leave while Aidan was scarfing down his dessert.  Now I'm back in my bed with my buddy "Ole Blue" (the humidifier) by my side......hoping for a good nights sleep.

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