Saturday, October 22, 2011

Birthday Surprise

Well it has been in the planning stage for awhile.  Papou turned 70 today!!!!

So to surprise him Mommy, Daddy, Aidan, Aunt Destin, Uncle Widg and yes me too......all hopped on a plane yesterday and headed off to Montana.  After much consulting with my doctors and having emergency medications with us I took my first plane ride.  As with most babies I had good and not so good moments (related to my tummy) on the plane.

We landed and Marmee and Papou's friends Rusty and Lynn picked up and we headed off to their house.  After getting settled and setting up the house Marmee and Papou came over for what they thought we to be a simple "pre" birthday dinner with friends.  Well Surprise, Surprise!!!!  Mommy says there is noting like being able to surprise Marmee who is always in the know.
I have decided I love Montana.  I can sit and stare out the window and watch birds, snuggle with all my favorite people, and watch the fire in the fire place.

Today was cold and rainy so we all took it easy and watched the LSU game.  Thanks to Emily I have my LSU head gear on and am rockin' it. 

Papou I didn't know you watched football with your eyes closed!!
 After watching an exciting win by Michigan State (yes I support Daddy's team as well) we had a Marshmallows roast with Aidan....

Photo of Mommy by Aidan

Photo by Aidan

Bring on the Marshmallows!!!

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