Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Missing Montana

Well today was bitter sweet......we had to leave Montana but are returning home to our beds.  Daddy went home early to work so we were missing him as well.  The flight home was much better than the flight to MT despite the hour plus delay.  As you can tell I slept on Aunt Destin most of the flight.

Back to my schedule tomorrow.  Daddy heard back from my doctor today and he is thinking the arching back and head turning (which look very similar to my past seizures) is reflux.  I had to start supplementing my milk with formula while traveling so we are thinking that might be the issue.  Mommy and Daddy are to keep a close eye on me for the nest several weeks.  So far we are to keep up with my plan to see the doctor after the holidays and have an EEG if concerns change.

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