Thursday, October 20, 2011


Well what an adventure.....we all (even Cisco since he cannot be left alone) loaded up in the car this morning and headed over to the pediatrician's office.  As Mommy and Daddy suspected I'm growing like a weed.  Once again vaccines were on the agenda and there has much discussion of which ones, if any, etc, etc.  After all that Aidan go his flu shot and tried to show me how being boys gt shots.  There were tears but they were immediately forgotten after stickers and a snack were mentioned.  Dr. S told Mommy that the nurses at Rose (the hospital where I was born) still ask about me and want to see pictures.  Guess that gives Mommy something to focus on for the next few days. 

I didn't get much of a chance to nap today, with my check-up, PT, and having to go with Mommy to get Aidan from school.  The result.......I became hysterical this evening, to the point that Mommy and Daddy became very worried.  After a very difficult couple of hours i finally passed out from exhaustion.  Mommy and I are trying to come with with a plan where I can stay at home while she goes to get Aidan from's just to much for me and right when I should be napping.

Night all.

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