Sunday, October 16, 2011

Working hard

So today was like many days.  No schedule, many power naps, fussing if I don't get fed every 1-2 hours, and spending time trying to get someone to hold me.  Today I watched Mommy go through my clothes.  It seems like I am growing like a weed.  I'm 5.5 months and am officially in 9 month clothes.  Mommy spends a good deal of time switching my clothes around since I'm growing so fast.  Mommy and I decided to take a break from moving clothes around and went outside to get some fresh air while the boys were out.
I did not want to have my picture taken today.
Since I didn't want my pic taken Mommy said I needed to practice rolling over.....I protested!!!!!
So Mommy put me back on my back and I found my new thumb.

After much pleading I finally let Mommy take a picture.

You can tell when I'm having a high stress day as I clinch my fists together.  It's really hard for someone to open tone was pretty high today and Mommy and Daddy are not sure why.

All that aside Mommy and I worked on sitting......

There was a face plant immediately after this pic was taken, but I am OK.

Then there was an "airplane ride".  I like doing this as it takes the pressure off my tummy and helps me move my gas on out.

I tried to hold some of my toys but because my fists were so tight today it made it very difficult for me to hold one for more than a few seconds.

 Daddy and Aidan finally came back home and rescued me from Mommy trying to make me do exercises. 

OOPS...........I guess all that time on my tummy really does help me get the gas out.  Sorry Aidan :)

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