Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's amazing how things seem to work out sometimes.  Today was a very difficult day!!!  Thanks so much to Tracey for having Aidan over to play all day.  It allowed Mommy and Daddy to focus all of their attention on me.  For some reason I couldn't sleep today and spent most of the day crying because I was so overtired.  Poor Mommy and Daddy...they tried everything to try to calm me down....walks, swing time, bouncy chair, holding me, putting me down, but noting seemed to do the trick.

That is until 5:30.  Something changed at 5:30.  I was sitting in my swing trying to listen to Aidan sing and Mommy came and go all up in my space making funny faces.  Well I just couldn't help myself and started to laugh.  A full on belly laugh.  Mommy started yelling at Daddy to record it but it was over as usual.  The second I see a camera I stop whatever cuteness I'm doing and stare.

Per my Pediatricians recommendation Mommy and Daddy pulled the high chair out of the basement and set it up at the table.  She is wanting me to be involved in more social interactions.  With many towels to help support me I joined my family, sitting in my own chair for dinner.  Aidan asked that I sit next to him so he could sing to me and help me grab onto my toys.  I have been grabbing my toys more over the past 2 days.  I don't grab toys like other babies my age, I tend to just loop my thumb over them but everyone seems really happy about that. 

I finally fell asleep and we are hoping for a good night.  We are thankful that a day that started out so difficult turned out to be so wonderful... we are thankful for the little things. 

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