Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Working it hard

Since I decided to sleep through OT twice last week Mommy was on her game today and after she took Aidan to school made sure I got plenty of sleep before OT.  When Ms. Julie came today she couldn't stop saying how good I looked since she had not seen me in a week.  I decided to show off and really used my hands.....grabbing at toys and even bringing them to my mouth.  This was a big deal and she was really impressed by all my tricks today. 

After OT Mommy was successful at getting me down for another long nap before Ms. Beth came for PT.  Well I have to say I pulled tricks out of my hat for her as well and even let Mommy get video of me holding a toy and putting it to my mouth.  You might not realize it but this is a huge milestone for me.....one that some of the doctors said I might not achieve.  I think after our meeting with them last week The Johnson's are more motivated than ever to prove them wrong.

Apparently while I was sleeping this morning Mommy played dress up with me and put me in an outfit that Priscilla, Aunt Destin's friend gave me.  So her it is......

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