Saturday, August 27, 2011

Too Hot

The heat is really getting to me.  Since the medications I'm on keep me from sweating I get overheated extremely fast.....well that makes it very difficult for me to leave the house.  Another day inside and my poor brother is going crazy.  He has been so patient today since Mommy left with Aunt Destin and was Daddy in charge.  As my head control gets better I can now spend time in my swing.  What a treat to get to sit up more and check out my surroundings.  Mommy has me all wrapped up in the Shawl that Ms. Pat sent from her church.  She and her daughter Jenny sent me such nice gifts.  Thank you so much.
Mommy and Daddy are heading out the door for Daddy's Birthday dinner.  Aunt Destin is in charge.....everyone watch out!!!!  Well she already got me fed and asleep before Mommy and Daddy left.  Aunt Destin you rock!!!.

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