Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Needing a break

The last few days have been quite hectic.....Daddy had to travel for work so Mommy was in charge (well what's new).  Today I got to go with Mommy to take Aidan to Kindergarten.  So many Mommies came up to see me to how I was doing.  Then Mommy and I went to pick Marmee up at the airport.  She bought me a new toy and I LOVED it.  Mommy was so excited it was the best response to a toy I have ever had.  I was trying so hard to reach my new toy....I won't let anyone take video of me because it would rather look at the camera then perform. 
After playing I was so excited to see that my new sunglasses had come in the mail.  Now I can go outside when the weather cools down.
After sporting my new glasses, which I HATE having on, (but will have to deal with it according to Mommy) we went outside and watched Aidan run and jump while Mommy took pictures of all his COOL moves.....
After several busy days Mommy decided to let Aunt Destin try typing the blog for me for so that Mommy can have a break.....Mommy says people should not get use to that since Aunt Destin is a better "interpreter." 

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