Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The beginning of a long 2 weeks...

Today started off much as yesterday did.  I was completely off any type of schedule and not eating well.  Then things seemed to improve.  Mommy took me to my Chiropractic appt and Dr. Kaitlin re-scanned me and is seeing much improvement in most of my areas (except my eyes and bowels....go figure).  Afterwards I decided to sleep all morning and most of the afternoon.  Ms. Julie came by for OT today, but decided to blow her off and slept thru OT.  Well she called my bluff and is coming back tomorrow.  Well I guess I better have my A game on then.  Right after she left I woke up and Mommy's friend Kate stopped by for at surprise visit.  Mommy was very happy.

Grandma came over to watch me so Mommy could spend some time with Aidan this afternoon.  When Aidan returned home he was so excited to see that he got a cool gift from Cousin Mimi.  He and Daddy spend the evening putting together his circuits.  Thanks Mimi.....when Aidan is happy we are all happy.
One of the recommendations of the Anchor yesterday was strap bright toys to my wrists to encourage me to "find" my hands.  Well Mommy decided on colorful hair bands.  So here I am sporting my stuff......not very fashionable but we will see if it does the trick.  I go back to the Anchor Center tomorrow with Mommy and Aunt Destin and will start to prepare for my big Neurology appt on Thursday.  My family has been really concerned about my ability to go....well you know without some assistance.  We decided to add this to the long list of questions and concerns we have for the doctors at my many upcoming appts.

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