Thursday, August 11, 2011

A great day

OK now that I'm starting to get the hang of this lifting my head thing I'm being told that I am going to have to work really hard on my vision.  Mommy and Daddy got my Function Vision Assessment today and it seems that I have a lot of work to do in this area.  My hearing seems to be my main source of learning right now.  It's easy to tell since I'm always following my Mommy's voice.  Now I have to start following toys and faces.  Wow......I'm going to be doing more school work than my brother who will be starting Kindergarten.  I better show him how this homework stuff is done.  I had a great PT session today.....
 Grandma came to help and I got some good snuggle time with her.....

It's so hard looking this good.  I got my picture posted by the CEO of Aden and Anais (the swaddle blanket people) on their Facebook page today.  One person even wanted to know if I was David and Victoria Beckham's child. 

Aden and Anais Facebook Picture - Click Here

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