Monday, August 8, 2011

Hunger strike

All seemed well this morning when I woke up.  Then something changed and I seemed to have lost my appetite.  So as the day went on my eating was at a total minimum.  I managed to upset Mommy a good bit as I consumed in 18 hours what I normally eat in one feeding.  To add to that I have stopped taking my meds.  I mean you would too if you tasted them.....even mixed with breast milk they are asgusting (as Aidan would say).  Now I make Mommy give me each med in a syringe in my mouth and it becomes a battle to the wits.  So far I seem to be winning and enjoying that......even though Mommy keeps telling me that that is not a battle I really want to win.  I decided to sleep most of the day as well.
After Daddy got home from work we decided to go on my first long walk in my carrier.  I don't like being in my car seat so this works out great.  I slept for most of the walk but woke just in time to watch my big brother run up and down the hill several times.

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