Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not the best day.....

Had a difficult night last night.  I can't shake these really bad tummy issues that are causing me a lot of discomfort and keeping me up most of the night.  My tummy issues followed me into the morning and I did not get much sleep today.  Mom took me to the Hospital this afternoon for my 24 hour EEG.  I got to see Catherine the EEG tech who has run several EEG's on me and is the only tech that does not put permanent blue marker on my head.  So I should look like my normal beautiful self when I leave tomorrow.  I finally got settled in and my tummy started acting up again.  I became so upset that I pulled some of my probes off. 

                                                         (check out my cool hat)

Mom and Dad left to get a good night sleep and I am snuggling with Aunt Destin.  I'm going to try really hard to have a good evening.  Mom will be hear bright and early in the morning to meet with the doctors.

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