Monday, July 25, 2011

Back on track again.....

I decided late last night that I would listen to mom and dad and give the new bottles a try.  I'm now eating like I should be and mom is no longer worried.  My last 20 hours have been really good.  I'm making good eye contact, eating well, breathing well, and my tummy is not acting up as much.  I'm sleeping a bit more than my parents would like but I'm working hard at doing well and it takes most of my energy. 

I saw Dr. Caitlin today and she feels my head adjustments are improving.  She continues to do craniosacral massage (pic).  I'll be seeing her 3 times a week (just to add into my already busy schedule).

I had a visitor today and will be able to start seeing people soon (just waiting for the ACTH to get out of my system and my immune system to get back o track). 

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