Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Normal Day

Mom and I had a talk this morning and decided we would start to venture out and have "normal days".  We started off at the chiropractor, which went well.  I spent most of the morning working hard on my OT/PT exercises.  I often miss these because I'm so tired from my medications.  Mom and I decided we needed to go to Target if we were going to eat today.  It was one of our first outings to run a normal everyday errand and we had a great time.

After getting home from the store decided to surprise mom by reaching out, grabbing, and hanging on to one of my toys that is in my car seat.  You might not realize it but this was a HUGE event. We were both so excited that mom started calling everyone to share the good news. 

Mom and Dad are going out to dinner to celebrate and I going to stay home and snuggle with Aunt Destin and Uncle Widg.  Tomorrow Nanan(Jamie), Marmee, and Aidan get into town.  I can't wait.

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