Monday, July 18, 2011

Another chapter....

Today was my last ACTH injection.  So we are hoping and praying that my seizures don't return.  Mom and Dad are happy and sad the medication has stopped.  The doctors have told us that they don't know why this medication worked.

Tomorrow I go to the hospital for a GI consult since my tummy is giving me a really difficult time.  I'm having a hard time staying on schedule with sleeping and eating.  Every aspect of my day seems to be dictated by my tummy.  Hope the docs can help me tomorrow.  On Wednesday I go to the Anchor Center (school for the blind) for a functional assessment to see if I qualify for services.  My parents and docs are concerned about my vision and are worried there might be a disconnect between my eyes and brain that impacts my ability to see correctly.  I have OT tomorrow as well and am ready to show Ms. Julie how well I'm doing on holding up my head.

Daddy has a client dinner tonight so I get to spend the evening with Uncle Widg and Aunt Destin.

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