Saturday, July 30, 2011

A lot of firsts.....

What a good day ....... I had many firsts today and yesterday and it has been great.  I started off at the Chiropractor and Katlin's dog Kyra greeted me at the door with my first big kiss of the day. 

I was able to go on my first shopping trip with Mom, Nanan, and Aidan for school clothes for Aidan.  Now that I'm off the ACTH I can begin to go out in public.  It's nice to get out of the house and not be at the doctor's office.  We went to lunch and I had my first bottle in public. (Aidan drew a pic of a giraffe for me.)

Aunt Destin and Uncle Widg took me to my first birthday party.  Mom talked to the doctor on Friday and I will begin coming off my Phenobarbital.  It will take 6 weeks though but that will be one less medication I will have in my cocktail.  Then we will meet with the doctors in August to discuss what our next steps are as long as my seizures do not return (then that changes everything). 

Tomorrow we are going to Brunch for Nanan's Birthday.

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