Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Today started off slow and quiet.  My Mom and Marmee went to the Farmer's market and I stayed in bed with Dad and Aidan listening to stories about superheros.  Afterward our friend Jay came over and took pictures of our family with Aunt Destin and Uncle Widg.  That really wiped me out.  We had some friends from Louisiana stop by to give us some love and well wishes.

Mom and Dad will be calling the doctor in Chicago on Thursday to see what his thoughts are. 
Marmee read a poem to Aidan and I that was written by one of her students that she taught many years ago.

Nezbah’s Bro
What a great brother Aidan
Lights up Nezbah like the sun
Now there’s a sister
But with you mister
Your parents hit a home run.
Your sister needs extra love
From you and the Lord above
Harper will make it
With love and true grit
But it’s you she needs most of.
Your sister needs extra time
A mountain she has to climb
Help your mom and dad
Squeeze them when they’re sad
A big hug is not a crime.
Your sister needs extra prayer
Tell the Lord how much you care
One thing is for sure
They will find a cure
Then you’ll be quite the pair.
One day she will help you back
Share a cookie or a snack
Cheer you in football
Paint your bedroom wall
Maybe carry your book sack.
One last thing for you to know
No matter how high the snow
With these trying times
And this attempt at rhymes
Sis will always love her bro.
-Bill (Medford) McGill

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