Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heading Home

I stayed over night with Aunt Destin at the hospital and had a difficult evening.  Guess I don't really like being there.  Mom came at sunrise so Aunt Destin could get some sleep before going to work.  There were many meetings with many doctors.  The reviewing doctor said my Hypsarrhythmia is gone thanks to the medication.  There were lots of crazy big words thrown around and at the end mom told me they just don't really know what is wrong with me or why the medication did what it did.  Mom and Dad spent some time on the phone with the doctor in Chicago who also admitted he is unclear what I really have and is not sure what the best course of treatment should be.  After all the meetings and the ride home I was wiped out and slept through all the tornado sirens during the big storm.  Beth my PT was late due to the weather so Dad and Aunt Destin stayed for my PT and mom went to spend time with a friend.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to go to the Chiropractor and spend some time with Grandma so mom can run errands.  I am super tired so mom said will give me my bath another day.  Once again I have blue marker all over my head and mom calls me her little Smurf.

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