Thursday, July 21, 2011

Doctor News.....

I had a bit of a difficult night and a not so great start to my day this morning.  My tummy difficulties are getting worse.  Mom started me on my new bottles and we are hoping this will help.  I am on the max dose of tummy meds and still don't see improvement.  

Dr. L called today after consulting with the doc in Chicago.  Bottom line is the docs do not want to pursue further meds to treat my current state.  My diagnosis is some sort of Encephalopathy since my seizures are currently under control.  As far as what type of Encepalopathy I have no one knows so it makes it difficult to find meds to use.  So the waiting game begins......waiting to see if the ACTH stopped the seizures for good or just temporary.  If the seizures are only stopped on a temporary basis then the docs will work with Mom and Dad to see what other med options there are at that time. So for now I continue with my busy weeks, consisting of phsysical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, and vision therapy.

Hanging out with Daddy

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