Saturday, July 9, 2011

Aidan's Birthday

Today we celebrated my brother Aidan's Birthday.  He turned 5 today and spent the day at the pool with Mom, Dad and his friends.  I spent the morning with Marmee waiting for everyone to come home to have cake.  Today was a good doctor appts.  I got to spend some quiet time on the porch with Aidan and we had our picture taken.  He showed me all his presents and gave me lots of kisses.

Tomorrow I get to watch Mom and Aidan pack to go to Montana.  He is leaving for 2 weeks.  Now who is going to kiss me on the top of my head every night and say, "Love you Nezbah!!"?

My Mom and Dad decided to call the Doctor in Chicago again to talk to him about other treatment options as my doctors in Denver feel I am at my best now and see no need to pursue further options at this time.

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