Monday, September 5, 2011

Cheering on the Tigers!

LSU’s first football game was on Saturday night.  So, I put on my prettiest purple dress and cheered the Tigers to a big victory over Oregon.  I’m already loving football season.  I hope to have a cheerleading outfit by the next game.

On Sunday , Aidan went to the farmer’s market while I stayed home and snuggled with Daddy.  I love quiet Sunday mornings.  Then, I went on an outing and met some of Uncle Widge's and Aunt Destin’s friends.  I also got to meet their daughter, Sloane.  I enjoyed making a new friend.

Sunday night was a little tough.  My tummy was bothering me and I didn’t want o sleep. 
I am looking forward to Monday with Aidan home from school.  Happy Labor Day!

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