Friday, September 9, 2011

Today was just like any other non-specific day......well maybe not.  It started off as most Friday's do with  my Chiro appt........really don't I look cute (thanks Sarah for my fab leg warmers).
I decided to sleep most of the morning and early afternoon.  Mommy put a call in to D. S, my pediatrician, since I have been so stiff for the past few days and am in a good deal of discomfort due to not having pooped in the past 6 days.  I don't get it.....I try and try but nothing.   After Mommy spent time on the phone with Dr S and was at the pharmacy getting the necessary items she received a phone call from Daddy.  I was at home with Grandma and she had told Daddy that I went and boy did I go.  By the time Mommy got home Grandma was washing out many things!!!

WOW - I feel so much better!!!  After all that pushing I am worn out.  So I'm pretty much down for the count so good night to all and I'm looking forward to tomorrow being a really good day.

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