Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy day

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day.  I spent the day hainging out with my family.  I have been pretty fussy over the past two days that Daddy and Aunt Destin think I may be teething.  Mommy says no way since Aidan was a "drool machine" starting at 2 months and didn't cut his first tooth until he was 6 months.  Lets hope Mommy is right so we have some more time to work on my ongoing tummy issues.  I turned 4 months over the weekend.....WOW how time flies.  Since Monday was a holiday, we had to catch up on some of my therapy appts.  So today I had my Chiropractor and OT/PT at the same time today.  Everyone is so encouraging.  They keep telling Mommy and I how great I look, despite the fact that I get VERY cranky when anyone tries to get me to sit up (bend) or if they want me to hold my head up while on my tummy (all I want to do is root/chew on my hand).

After much discussion with Julie (OT) and Beth (PT) we decided Mommy can go on the search for a new carseat, to see if she can find one that I am more comfortable in.....my current carseat causes me much distress.  We also discussed trying to start Oatmeal to see if that helps some of my tummy issues.  Ms. Julie was very helpful in helping Mommy come up with the best way to feed me since I'm not a fan of sitting.

Grandma came over to stay with me while Mommy when to get Aidan from school.   

Aidan was so excited to find a package on the porch when we returned.  We discovered 2 quilts inside for Aidan and I from Mommy's Godmother Hazel.  They are wonderful. 

I immediately took a nap with mine while......

Aidan has not put his down since getting home from school.  He even at his dinner with it.

It really cooled down this evening and Mommy has all the windows open.  She put me in my favorite  nightgown that her friend Gennifer had sent over some time ago.  It still fits great.  I wasn't having any part of the picture taking though.

Well I decided I'm in big trouble.  Marmee noticed that Mommy was struggling taking pictures of me with her old camera and sent her really nice digital camera over.  Now Mommy can try to step into the world of non-iphone digital pictures.  She has been bugging me all day to pose

......so on that note she put me in the hat that Megan and Doug got for me.....I think I look pretty darn good.

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