Saturday, September 17, 2011


Apparently I have "quite the personality".  I don't know what that means, but I keep hearing everyone say that.  All I'm doing is talking, talking, and talking and sleeping less each day.  I'm able to tell people when I'm hungry, tired, over stimulated or just plain pissed off.  Mommy and Daddy seem to think this is great. 

I'm still not on any type of schedule except of course for waking up at 3am like clock work.  Every day Mommy asks me (more like pleads with me) to change it to 5 or 6 am, but I seem to be happy with 3am.  It gives me just enough time to eat, hang out for a while and then listen as the world wake up.  I like it best when Mommy is awake with me but sometimes she just can't keep her eyes open. 

"Good fences make good neighbors"....Well in our case good neighbors make good peach pie.  Thanks to Bob and Julie for passing pie over the fence this morning.....Mommy and Aidan decied to eat it for breakfast.....It smelled Yummy....THANKS!!!
I had a long venture out today.  Mommy and Aunt Destin took me out to purchase a new car seat, a feat in itself.  All I could hear was talk about safety ratings, chemical ratings, side impact, blah, blah, blah.  And then came the see which one I liked.....after all Mommy (Thanks Marmee) is getting a new one since I protest so much in my other one.  And after all that they didn't have it in we headed back home to order it online.

After getting back Mommy decided I need to move on to my Big Girl Stroller since my other one makes me use the car seat I dislike so much.  So after much "strap moving" Aunt Destin figured in out and tah dah.....
What a day.....after all the hard work I still had to fit in some play time with Aidan.....My number one fan....
Night to all.....I'm fighting sleep....and Mommy is hoping I will sleep in tomorrow.....maybe I'll surprise her and sleep till 4am....who knows anything is possible.

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