Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Nothing exciting this morning, just went to the Chiropractor and had a typical adjustment. We made it back home just in time for a snack and nap time.  Mommy woke me up just in time for OT.  I have been having a really difficult time with my tummy again and have been pretty stiff for the past few days.  I guess my Chiro appt helped with that today because I was ready to Rock and Roll when Ms. Julie got here. 

After all that hard work I had some snuggle time with Grandma while Mommy went to get Aidan from school.  After much Spanish homework for Aidan we decided to take a break and Mommy, Aidan and I went to the park since it is cooling down.

BOOYAH!!!!!!  What a good day!  Mommy emails Daddy videos all day long and he was sooooo excited when he got home.

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