Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Figuring it all out...

Not your typical Monday.  I was schedule to go to the Anchor Center today but my tummy was bothering me so much that Mommy and I stayed home.  Wow, this tummy thing REALLY messes things up.  I must have slept a total of 4 hours between 3am and 8pm.  We are not sure if I'm just being stubborn (most likely not......Mommy keeps saying what a tolerant and happy baby I am) or if is the meds.  I am tapering off the Topamax and will taper off the Kepprea after that.  One of the most common side effects of Keppera is severe agitation.  So it is unclear if some of my "issues" are tummy related or med related.  Most likely a combination.  But what we do know.....

1.  I'm having increasing tummy troubles.  It seems that no matter how hard I try I cannot poo without some assistance.  It is getting to the point that most evenings I spend screaming in pain till I pass out from exhaustion.  Mommy and Daddy have been trying everything.......so back to Children's Hospital.  Mommy finally called them today to see what else they can come up with to help me be able to do the deed without assistance.

2.  Through all of this Mommy and Daddy noticed that last night that I shed tears.  I was so confused as I was in pain because of my tummy and they seemed so happy.  I'm still trying to figure them out!!! 

3.  Well I have been working up to this for some time and today I finally figured out what all the fuss is about.  I LAUGHED!!!!  Yes you heard me.  It wasn't a belly, rolling around on the floor begging for more, laugh like my brother, but I laughed!!!!  Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and even Aidan heard it.....they were so happy.  I guess I need to keep working on that one.....everyone seems to love it.

Again we are so thankful to everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers.

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