Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Great Day

Mommy headed off to the Anchor Center yet again this morning.  I actually did pretty good.  I think we have a good plan that involves me being by myself as much as possible to not become overstimulated by the noise while I'm working on my vision.  My therapist there told Mommy they had an eye exam cancellation and I could have that appt if we wanted instead of waiting 3 more weeks.  We jumped on it.  Mommy and Daddy have been worried about my vision lately since both of my eyes have been turning might have noticed in some of my pictures.

Mommy and I headed over there this afternoon with expectations that the doctor might confirm that I have CVI and thinking of all that that entails.  We met with Dr K and after giving him my extensive history he began his exam.  Mommy held me tight and kept telling me all would be well and we would deal with what ever news the doctor deliverer.  Well what we were told was this......  "Her eyes look great!!  She doesn't need any corrective wear at this time.  She has the vision of a 2 month old."  Basically, as with everything else (head holding, rolling, etc) I am delayed.  We are not sure if it is related to the sedation of the meds I have and am coming off of or just my developmental delay because of my abnormal brain waves or a combination.  Either way this is what we prayed for but was  unexpected news.  At this time Dr K does not think I have CVI..........thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers. 

After all my hard work today I decided to do some exercises before bedtime.....

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