Monday, September 12, 2011

Anchor Center

After several weeks of trying the Anchor Center and becoming so overwhelmed with them combo of vision and auditory we decided something different.  There happened to be a MUCH smaller and younger group today and worked in my favor.  I spend the first third of the morning in the Sensory Room.  I was able to explore different textures with 3 other little ones under the age of one.  It was much quieter.  I was part of a play group where we all using our feet to "talk" to each other and getting to know one another. 

While the other moved on to the Music Room I moved on to the Motor Room.  So ever time I have been to the Center in the past I do one room (30 minutes), become overwhelmed and have to go home.  Today Mommy and I went to the Motor Room with all intentions of hanging out in the cuddle swing, but the staff had other ideas.  After being in the room for 2 minutes I became overwhelmed so they asked Mommy if we would stay and try something different.  So we did.  They moved me to the big room away from all others and made me a special pillow where I could explore toys without "shutting down".

I tried to play opossum but the therapist knew and held me up to the challenge.....
Today was a good day.  I think I might try going back on Wednesday.

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