Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oatmeal and Saints.....

What a good day!!!  So I didn't have any appts today and decided to just hang out with Mommy at home.  Little did I know that she had plans.....plans to surprise me.  I'm just doing my thing, you know hanging out in my swing and Mommy walks up with something.....what the heck is that????  Oatmeal?  Apparently Mommy has been talking to my pediatrician and OT and they were both on board with me starting Oat Cereal.  Well it went great.....I really like that stuff.  I only had a few tastes but wow that stuff is good.  Now we only hope it helps my tummy.

After my experience with cereal I was so excited that it wore myself out and slept for most of the afternoon.  When I woke up Grandma was here taking care of me while Mommy was with Aidan at school.  I ate like a champ and went back to sleep.  After waking up I was so happy to see that Aunt Destin was here to snuggle with we are on the patio watching Aidan throw his super cool paper airplane that Mommy made...

After dinner we decided to watch the Saints Game.......well what can I say....I didn't make it very long.  Geaux Saints!!!
Today is my LAST day on Phenabarbatol....thank goodness that stuff is going to be out of my system.  Tomorrow I start my taper on Topamax and after that Keppra.  By December I should be off all the meds that are not working.  We are feeling very hopeful......I seem to be doing better with each decrease of meds.....Mommy and I think all the prayers and positive energy have been helping.  Thank you to everyone who has been apart of my life near and far.....I am a very lucky girl.

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