Saturday, November 19, 2011


This has been a week of transition.  Kelly, our new nanny, has been learning the ropes.  Between my ever changing schedule, meds, random eating habits, tummy issues, therapies, special requirements, and Aidan.....we have really kept her on her toes.  She has stepped up to the plate!!  Her main goal is to help prevent me from having to be in the car and as she found out on Friday it's not fun and a lot of work to keep me from having an episode.  We needed to see if I had an ear infection (I don't.....but we have no idea what is going with me).  I had a very difficult day on Thursday.  I was inconsolable, did not sleep, and only wanted to be held by Mommy.

On a good note, I love Oatmeal so Mommy decided after a few weeks it was time to try something new.  Peas!!!!  Yes with all the great things Aidan gets to eat, I got stuck with Peas.....
  .....apparently I only have to suffer through them for a few more days and then I get squash.  I say bring it on!!!

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