Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The tummy issues continue.  It seems that solid foods are not agreeing with me even though I really like them.  We are still dealing with the unknown.  Depends on who you talk to as to what their thoughts are on the cause of my tummy issues are.  With the introduction of solids (oatmeal, peas, squash, pears) I have struggled more and more to have a BM.  All my BM's for the past several months have required assistance.  The last several days have been the worst.  It starts around 2:30am and I scream inconsolably for a few hours.  The only thing that calms me down is a bottle and even that is short lived.  As you can tell I am definitely becoming a chub-a-licious baby.

We have several things in the works at this point.  Mommy is working on trying to get in home music therapy since the two things that I respond to the most are music and my brother Aidan.  I am scheduled to go to another GI specialists next week.  Mommy and Daddy are desperately trying to help me resolve this.  My basic skills are still suffering due to the introduction of solid foods, but after a day and a half Mommy milk only I am slowly starting to rebound. 
With all that is going on I am also struggling with bad cold.  I haven't been able to shake things off easily and they seem to linger.  All this plays into my lack of progress lately.  Hopefully my tummy and breathing issues improve soon. 

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