Sunday, November 13, 2011

Family day

After all the company and help we had over the last week if was just the four of us today.  Trying to get back into a routine we all stayed in our 'jammies today.  Well Aidan and I changed but I don't know if that really counted. 
Doing exercises in a laundry basket.
The morning stated off with me in Christmas PJ's.  I needed an outfit change in the middle of the night and Mommy did have her contacts in so I ended up in Holiday PJ's.  Well that opened the door for Mommy to put me in some ridiculous Hats and booties....
 After a morning of crazy photos I sat and watched Mommy and Aidan play the Wii most of the day..

So my tunny issues magic time sees to be 4am.  I don't mean to wake Mommy and Daddy up but it hurts so bad.  We will continue to see what the problem is.

I worked had today but still struggle to use my hands for anything but sucking my thumb.  Oh well tomorrow is another day and we will keep working on my arms/hands.

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