Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday spirit

Mommy was going through some old photos and decided to "recreate" something from the past.  So see if you can tell which pic is of me because the other is of Aidan taken December 2006.  Happy guessing!!

Yesterday I had a rough go of it.  I slept less than an hour all day and screamed and fussed all afternoon if someone was not holding me.  That made it difficult for Mommy and Daddy who were trying to set up the Christmas tree.  Mommy and Aidan went to pick out a tree and returned with a "giant"  big we had to saw the bottom sides just to get it to fit in the tree stand.  Daddy made it clear that he is in charge of tree shopping next year.  So between my tummy hurting/screaming and the tree episode it took us 5 hours just to get the tree in the stand.  Half my toys have been moved to the other room as there is not enough space. 

With such a stressful day I finally fell asleep around 7pm and slept till 7 this morning. 

Two great things happened over the last few days.  Firstly I finished my meds.  I am no longer on any anti-convulsants.  Only tummy meds for me!!!  This is a Holiday miracle that we thought would never come true.  Yeah..... 

Second - I have been using my hands.  Alright let me explain.  I am not using my hands the way a 7 month old does, but I have been moving my fingers and have even grabbed a toy (if placed right next to my hand) a few times.  I still struggle using my arms.  PT/OT have really been working with Mommy and Daddy on that one. Yet another reason to celebrate in our home.

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