Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hands and more Christmas Cheer

We started off this week with Chiro.  K has been working really hard on trying to monitor the plates in my head to make sure everything is even and there is minimal pressure building up.  Has has also been trying everything she can to help with my pooping and reflux.  She has been working her magic and I continue to go weekly.

On Tuesday Julie (OT) showed up for out weekly appt.  After a very difficult session she reported to Mommy she was concerned I might have a fracture in my left arm.  After multiple call to my peds office we go in to rule out Nurse Maids Elbow.  Dr. E laughed when we got there saying all I did was laugh and smile and that was nothing wrong.
Yes check this out 29 inches long and 18.5 pounds.  (95 percentile for length)
Now up to this point I was having extreme difficulty even moving my hands/arms except to suck my thumb and really struggled with my left one.  We were sent on out way and directly to PT where Beth (PT) was waiting.  Mommy was in the other room for a moment when she heard Grandma and Beth yelling for her to come into the room.  Well I can't tell you what changed, but I decided to use my hands.  It was like someone turned on a switch.  I immediately grabbed a toy and began shaking it all around.  For a hour straight I grabbed toys.  There were so many tears between Beth, Grandma and Mommy and Daddy even rushed home from work early to see the excitement.

Aidan doing tummy time with me.

I continue to have major issues with pooping.  We had a follow up appt with my poop doc and came up with a plan.  We will see how that works out.
At the GI docs office.

Marmee and Papou are in town now and cannot believe all the changes that have been going on.  After a big winter's snow we decided to brave the elements and the car and I went to visit Santa.  I managed the 10 minute drive there with no issues but the return home was another issue.  After the holidays Mommy and Julie (OT) will be working on my inability to ride in a car.......not sure what I think of that one. 
I have the best brother ever.  When Mommy was walking over to get us from Santa she over heard Santa ask Aidan what he wanted for Christmas, his reply......"a remote control helicopter and for you to make my sister better."

 MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.  We are so thankful for all your support and prayers.

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Anonymous said...

This is truly a miracle Christmas!
much love, Hazel