Friday, December 2, 2011

Damn tummy

Here we go again......

So the culprit this time ..... solid food.  As you know I have been struggling with the basics of having a bowel movement.  After having several weeks of increased discomfort the "fit hit the shan".  I have not been able go at all since Turkey Day and with all the solids, like Oatmeal, I have had were the icing on the cake.  So after a few days of consulting with Dr. S we came up with a solution.  WOW did it work.....after just 10 minutes I went....5 diapers, 2 changing pads, new PJ's, and much laundry later I am sound asleep.  Sleep has alluded me all day due to my tummy.  Mommy and I are hoping I sleep tonight and tomorrow.  A cold winter day is predicted for tomorrow and I am hoping to enjoy the snow between naps.

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