Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh Poo.....!!!!

Anal Strep is what I have.  After Ms Kelly gave me a bath on Thursday night we noticed there were some marks on my bottom.  When I woke up on Friday morning my bottom was covered with blisters that began popping.  After a visit to Dr. Jen we were told I had Anal Strep.  I needed  to get on Antibiotics.  Mommy and Daddy really did not want me to take them since Aidan had a really bad reaction to Antibiotics when he has a baby.  But after much discussion with the docs we decided to start them.

Well it good as antibiotics are for some, they are not so good for my brother and I.  I have gone from struggling to poop to have 7 BM's a day.  That sounds all good but not when you have open blisters on your bottom.  I was doing so well with my sitting....up to 13 minutes at a time, but now I am struggling to sit for 30 seconds.  My sleep has suffered as well....I have been waking up in the middle of the night for the past few, screaming in pain trying to go poo.  To add to all this I am cutting my top two teeth.  Mommy and Daddy called my doc today trying to see if there is anything then can do to address things in a better manner.  We are trying a few different options and will see what that leads to.  For now we are taking each day as it comes and hoping that I don't end up in the ER like Aidan did when he took antibiotics. 

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