Monday, March 5, 2012

Making progress

Last week was a difficult one.  My breathing became worse so Mommy had to take me back to the doctor.  Dr E got me hooked up with a nebulizer which helped get my O2 level back had gotten pretty low and had everyone really concerned.

Once my O2 was back up I regained my strength and energy and was ready to get our and about.  I have really been enjoying getting out of the house.  Daddy was out of town so Mommy, Ms Kelly and Aidan took meout to dinner.  We had a blast and I even got to eat dinner like a big girl at the restaurant with everyone. 


I'm finally getting over this RSV things.  My cough is lingering but I have been able to move back up to my bedroom.  Mommy and Daddy are back on track and trying to get me out every weekend.  This weekend I went to the mall and spent some time in my big girl stroller.  I am tolerating being in the stroller and car seat much better.  It seems to be a combination of things, but my tummy has been much better lately.  I have gone poo every day for the past week and a half......without the assistance of a stimulant.  That is a really big deal.  We are not sure if I have just figured it out or if it is related to the virus.  Who knows but we all think it is great. 

On Friday I turned 10 months old and as my present I cut my first tooth.  Mommy found out the hard way and informed me we are done with nursing!!!  Sorry Mommy.

Please ignore the large scratch on my head.  I was working hard on my exercises when our crazy dog stepped on my face.  Lets just call it a character scar.

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