Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A few steps forward and one step back

Over the past month I have been making great strides.  The only down fall Ive had recently is that this past week I got a bad GI virus and have been to the ER twice for hydration.  I haven't eaten solids in 6 days.  We are hoping and praying that I'm on the upswing of this thing as it has been really bad.

I'm not a happy camper right now but last week I definitely had a sense of humor.......

I've had cognitive gains as well.  Mommy has been telling everyone that I now notice when I do something good and respond to people excitement.  I'm am now able to be proud of myself.....what a great feeling.  I am also responding to more verbal commands like....stop, go, clap, and am able to sign "more" in the appropriate context.  Mommy brought my Christmas present out early to see if it would be appropriate.  This was taken during my first few minutes on my rocking horse.

Mommy woke up the morning after Thanksgiving to find me on all 4's in my crib and then I sat up all by my self.  She didn't get it all on video because she was literally screaming from excitement.  Now I'm wishing Mommy and Daddy hadn't seen me do that because they are expecting me to do it again.  So on 3 other occasions I've gotten on all 4's to keep them happy.

Since I have been doing so good with my fine and gross motor skills I needed to start doing something special for my Speech Therapist so she wouldn't feel left out.  The other day I decided to start using a spoon if someone loaded it for me.

Love spending time with Aunt Destin

Hanging with Uncle Widg isn't bad either.

Playing on the porch.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!

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