Saturday, August 11, 2012

Montana Summer

See the Humming Bird
Mommy, Aidan, and I made it to Montana for some R&R.  We were not sure how long we were going to stay since I would be missing 4 therapy sessions a week while gone.  So we decided to see how well I did (mom doing my therapy, eating, sleeping, and my tummy issues).  After sitting on a plane for several hours Aidan was a ball of energy until we got to Marmee and Pappou's house.  Then we all just sat quietly and watched the Hummingbirds do a dance.  Coming within a foot of our faces.  They even entranced me.

So what did we do in Montana.  I think a better question would be "What didn't we do?".

We snuggled with Corgi's.

We swam in mountain lakes (big and small), well Aidan did!!

We hiked!!!  There was a lot of fishing, boating, cloud watching, counting deer, and just plain relaxing.

...... and then we would tell Aidan we heard a Mountain Lion when he would get to far ahead of us on our hikes.  (Mommy and I laughed)!!!

Since I was going to miss so many therapies Mommy decided to try something new.  I went to four Craniosacral Therapy sessions.  My Neurologist told us not to waist out money, that it was hokey.  Well we have to disagree......after the first session I was pooping everyday with no issue, started sleeping through the night and staying asleep until 7:30 am (mommy didn't know what to do with herself), making new sounds, and I found my toes.  Everyone has been encouraging me to play with my toes, but it is something that has not interested me since I have not been interested in using my hands.

Daddy few up and spent a few days with us.

Don't let the pic fool you.  The table is holding me up.  BUT it is progress.....

Therapy on the deck over looking the mountains


We stayed an extra five days, but needed to get back home to follow up with some appointments.  I have  appointments with Orthotics and Rehabilitation at Children's Hospital to assess for Dystonia and for me to be fitted with arm and foot braces.  It is still up in the air as to wheather or not I have Dystonia.  My doctors have only seen videos of me, but there is a chance that it could be something as simple as Infantile Gratification which would go away in time.  This was such an improvement over my last visit to Montana in October of last year.  I was able to enjoy myself.  We were so sad to leave.

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