Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some June fun.....

We have been busy for the past few weeks.  I continue to struggle with sleep and recently contracted a virus (that I'm still fighting) that has really set me back in my therapy sessions.  I have been struggling to sit and at times to hold my head up.....I stopped eating solids for about a week, but no worries I have plenty reserves set aside to help out.  

We are working with the sleep clinic at Children's Hospital to see what they can do to help me get my sleep back on track.

We are slowly learning more about the KCNQ2 gene abnormality I have.  It seems that I'm one of the better scenarios they have seen.  I will continue to fight and work hard on my therapist while Daddy and Mommy continue to ado vacate for me and the best possible outcome.

I have not really been a sport of having my picture taken theses past few week as it requires me to hold my head up so Mommy and I decided to put a video together of random photos from the past month.....

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