Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Heart Aidan....

This has been an interesting week so far.  I continue to struggle with sleeping.  Things are getting better in that I can sleep up to to 5 hours some nights, but there are many nights I get very little sleep.  I continue to sturgglel with napping and this creats many issues with me being able to make it to my therapy appts.  Bottom line is that I continue to have NO schedule and this makes it impossible for me to leave the house even if I were tolerant of doing so. 

Mommy has decided to go back to work one day a week to get back out in the real world.  Now I get to spend more time with Ms. Kelly who has been working very hard with my therapist to learn what she can do to help me reach my goals. 

She must be working her magic!!!  I am really trying hard to break her in by pooping all over the place.  I jsut wanted to see if she is up for the challenge.  Well she is...

Today I sat for the first time unassisted for about 8 seconds.  I'm trying so hard to work on my core strength.  I think I'm getting the hang of this sitting thing.  It is kinda of nice to be on my own and not have to have someone hold me all the time. 

For Valentine's Day I decided to show Mommy and Grandma who my favorite person is.  While Aidan was standing in front of me giving me "nose kisses" I decided to reach out grab his face and plant a big one on him.  This is the firest time I have done anything like that and I caught everyone off guard....even Aidan who responded with a giant smile.

Mommy is still trying to get her computer working to get some updated photos. 

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