Saturday, January 7, 2012

Schedules......ha ha

Mommy and I haven't posted recently because she has been to tired at night.  So for the past 2 weeks I have decided to take charge.  Mommy thought it was about time to get me on a schedule.  With all my past medical concerns and medications it was something that just was not a priority.  With our recent change of events Mommy and Daddy decided a schedule would be best for us all.  Well I think schedules stink!!!  I spent for first 4.5 months of my life sedated to the point that I was sleeping up to 23 hours a days.  So now I want to take in all that I missed.  I must say my not sleeping is making it difficult on Mommy and Daddy.

Thank You to Priscilla's O'ma for the lovely cross that now hangs above my crib.
My Happy place. 

With all the therapies I have each week I have decided to retreat to my jump-a-roo that Santa brought me.  I would stay in here all day if I was allowed.  It's the one place I don't have to do therapy.  Except my crib, but since I'm not really sleeping I'm not in there much.  Beth, my PT, has it all set up so I get the best workout possible.

I also started rolling this week.  The best part of this is now I tolerate tummy time better, knowing that I can roll over when I want.  I still takes a good bit of work, but I can roll without any assistance.  I continue to work on sitting.  This is just one thing I am not really interested in doing.

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