Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

What a year this past one has been.  There have been so many ups and downs.  The biggest event was my recent normal EEG.   I continue to stump my doctors who remain unsure has to what I have/had, if it will return, and what my future holds.

I continue to struggle with tummy issues and require assistance to poop.  It is always takes several days and then we end up with a day of 5-6 outfit changes and many more diaper changes.....but in the end it all seems to come out.  We will continue to work with my GI doc to see what we can do to give me the most comfort. 

After finally having a "calm" period.....Mommy and Daddy decided we would move forward with my flu shot.  We have been holding off on many of my immunizations as we were too scared what the outcome might be if I got a fever.  Febrile seizures are seizures that result from fevers and my Neurologist is not sure if that is something that might trigger my seizures and/or my Encephalopathy.  So it has and will be a slow process.  I successfully got the first part of my flu shot with no avail.  We will be talking to my doc in the next few days to come up with a plan. 

Today Aidan and I stayed home with Uncle Widg and Aunt Destin.  I was able to get some snuggle time while Aidan got a little TLC.  He has been under the weather today. 

Mommy and Daddy headed off to watch the Broncos play and see a little Tebow action.  Starting Tuesday I am back on track with my therapies.  I guess the vacation is over.

Again Mommy, Daddy and I want to thank everyone for all your positive thoughts and prayers.  We/I would not be where I am if not for the enormous amount of support our family has received over the past 8 months.

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