Friday, January 13, 2012

New digs

After several weeks of sleeplessness Mommy and Daddy made an executive decision.  I moved to my own room.  Uncle Widg and Aunt Destin had decorated it for me when we found out I was being discharged from the hospital, but until now I had only slept in there in a bouncy chair when Aunt Destin was giving Mommy a nights break.

I have been sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's room/bed since I came home from the hospital.  At first it was to monitor my seizure activity and to help keep me calm, but since I have been off the sedating medications it has been a bumpy road.  Poor Daddy needs his ZZZZZZ so he can get to work.  So until the wee hours of the evening Mommy, Daddy, and Aidan (my entertainment) got to work and moved my bed.  I have really been struggling with sleep and it is getting worse everyday.  I just haven't had the chance to learn to sleep like others due to meds, medical issues, tummy problems, and a crazy schedule with so many appts/therapies.

Tuesday was the final straw.  My naps were only moments long and I was so exhausted, then I only sleeping about 7 hours total a day.  It is a work in progress and knowing me I will fight it if I can.  I'm such a happy person and so enjoy being with people that I don't want to sleep really.  My socialness is to the point that my OT doesn't really want me to have toys with faces because I spend more time smiling and laughing and talking that I forget to use my hands and arms.   There is no one I enjoy being social with more than my brother, who by the way is SOOOOO excited my room is going to be next to his.

The last few nights/days have been difficult.  Aidan and Daddy moved to the basement so they could get some sleep and Mommy and I moved upstairs.  We are still trying to find patterns in my sleep which  is all over the place, but my naps have gotten a little longer and Mommy is rearranging a lot of my appts around my sleeping.
I was up early (5 am) as usual this morning and watched Aidan as be got ready for Bronco's day at school.  He is a huge Tim Tebow fan and is ready to watch some football this weekend.  As much as we love the Broncos Mommy and I are pulling for the Saints!!!!, but don't tell Aidan.

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